Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion

A brief history of the SDMP

For 7 years, our event was an outdoor fan sanctioned event of Anime Central. But we didn't stop just there. All over the nation, at variou other conventions - we would setup and play for hours, on whatever hardware we had to make sound with.

But that was the past.

The future

Now, we are in the early stages of development for a brand new kind of event. One that will be strictly for Touhou EDM!

Currently we are looking for volunteers to help make the event a possibility. And we are currently in the process of searching for a new home for this event. We have several Crucial Roles to fill before we can start planning out the other greater aspects of this event.

This will be unlike our events in the past. This will now be a more focused and organized event designed to bring DJ's who remix and arrange Touhou Music in from around the world to share their music with you!

It's a brand new event, with all new amazing experiences, that we hope you all will enjoy!


We still need pleanty of Volunteers for the main Event! Please head on over to the volunteer section for more inforrmation!

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