An event like this is impossible to take on all alone. For this, we rely on volunteers to help us make the event possible. Volunteering for an event like this is a great way to make new friends and learn more about the work and effort that goes into putting on event like this. We hope that anyone who volunteers with us takes away value in the form of experience and pride for making such an event possible.

Management (Core-Staff) Positions Available

A number of people will be needed to help manage the event. Before we can really begin planning this thing, we'll need a few carefully selected invididuals to help make the event a success. Management volunteers will be investing their time towards a potential permanent position afterwards. All volunteer management who help us make this event possible will be given a chance, after the event, to join an executive board for producing future events.

Community Manager (Public Relations / Social Media Moderator Lead)

Virtual Position

Development and distribution of PR materials, including brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, and videos to the community. Editing and proofreading social media content, videos, press releases, emails, and other communications that will be sent to the public. Managing a team of volunteers who will Monitor and managing civil discourse in any of our social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

Marketing Manager

Virtual Position

Putting together marketing material, including brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, fliers, and videos that will be sent to the public for marketing purposes. Working with artists and graphic designers, either by volunteer or contract to produce content for the event.

Head of Security / Security Liason

Physical and Virtual Position

Ensuring the safety of our staff, guests and attendees while maintaining good relations. Work with the host to determine house policies as well as establish policies for the event. Managing volunteers who will direct the lines and crowds to the appropriate places.

Volunteer Coordinator

Physical and Virtual Position

Managing and directing general volunteers. Assigning Volunteers to roles required by the event.

Audio/Visual Technical Lead

Physical and Virtual Position

Working with the contractors or venue of the event to ensure the quality of audio and visuals of the event. Managing volunteers for setup and tear down of the event for Audio, Visual, and General items (Such as seating for the panel, etc.)

Special Guest Coordinator

Physical and Virtual Position

Recruitment of special guests and planning out their flight, hotel, hospitality needs, and entertainment. Managing volunteers for assisting the Special Guests with their needs.

General Volunteering

Besides our department heads, each department will need a number of volunteers to help them get the job done. Please understand we're still in early stages of development and at this time we cannot guarantee which department you will be a part of. We ask that you apply as a general volunteer for now, and when our core-staff is formed we will contact you to deterrmine which department you will be placed in.


Being part of an event like this can be rewarding. The feeling of satisfaction for helping celebrate the 東方 project and the music behind it, and a chance to meet the talented people behind the music created by the fan phenomenon. But volunteering for an event like this, does not come without it's perks! Depending on if this event is parented by another event or a stand-alone event, you will take on the same perks that the parent event offers to it's own volunteers. However; In the event that we work independantly as a stand alone event, you shall be rewarded with the same perks you would expect working with any other event like this. At this time we cannot promise what those perks will look like.

Requirements for Volunteering
  • Must be 18 or older to apply.
  • Able to be present as required by our host.
  • Must be able to work the entirity of the event.
  • If volunteering for core staff, must be able to make regular meetings

Ready to Apply?

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